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    1UZ 4Runner - clutch MC problem

    thanks for the responses I actually bought a bunch of my conversion gear from gloverman and emailed him before posting on here, he's probably still on break. i'll look into willwood and tilton, thanks again
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    1UZ 4Runner - clutch MC problem

    Hi all, I'm at the stage in my project where the engine is running and I'm ready to tune it... but... the master cylinder is too small, so the clutch doesn't engage until the pedal is almost at it's limit I've been hunting everywhere for a bigger master cylinder, but the problem I'm having is...
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    (Perth) front sump for rear sump - 1uz-fe

    got a 1uz-fe with a rear sump, I need the front sump to clear the front diff in my 4runner. anyone in Aus/NZ need to swap or sell their front sump (and pickups)?
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    WTB 1uz front sump

    hey Sudsy, if you still have a front sump I'll take it! dumping a 1uz in my 4runner. cheers