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    A341E Help

    I just tried pulling the codes on my 95 SC400. The od light blinks 3 times, then 8. I see no code 38 on any troubleshooting chart. Help please.
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    General help

    I found the fix to my headlights being dim. I'll have a complete write up on how to change not only the bulbs out, but also new plugs. Also, I found a great site dealing with the A340.
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    General help

    1995 SC400. The TRAC light is on, and under the hood appears to be the same traction controll device as a MKIV supra. There is a button next to the auto shifer that is labled TRAC.
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    SC400T (Lextreme's Version)

    *Subscribed* Is garbage grove still 714?
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    Welcome Supra Owners

    The supras have followed me. Im being stalked by mark 3's.....
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    ^ Exactly. Every bearing will have a number on it, if the company who sold it to you didnt' erase it. Try and you should be good to go.
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    General help

    I need some help with this car. Im going to post every thing thats been piling up: 1. I need a master (drivers) window switch. Don't care what color. As long as it works and is under $75. 2. I need a drivers side seat belt assembly. Gray color. 3. When I turn on my overdrive, the light...
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    Race Car Replicas SL Coupe w/TT 1UZ

    Won't let me see any of the pictures due to not being a member....
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    Clever Idea

    Awesome & great idea!
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    engine starts and then stalls

    Im thinking that you may have a fuel pump/fuel filter/delivery problem. Sounds almost like its using all the fuel out of the rails and then dies.
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    Name That Piston

    Tiz my guess also.
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    I got robbed by JVG Motorsports

    WOW. I don't even know what to say. FWIW, a true TO4S has a fat/big shaft compaired to any other to4 or t3.
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    550 bhp engine for $36,000

    100% guaranteed they do. Both of those race engines run off of pure ethanol. :unitedstates:
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    550 bhp engine for $36,000

    True, but man they are fun while they last. My right foot used to love them.....
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    who has exhaust flanges?

    I know of a place that can make them, but they will need your exhaust gaskets. :-)
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    Check Engine Light without CAT

    I haven't ventured down that road yet, but if a CEL was to be produced, do you think its possible to fool the ECU the same way the Subaru guys fool their ECU: -Run a resistor in the ECU side of the o2 sensor plug, that makes the ECU think the voltage value is constantly correct.
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    550 bhp engine for $36,000

    Id rather have this (350-400hp 160CI inline 4) Or this: 410 CI small block all aluminum 850hp fun... *FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE FORD PICTURED ABOVE* :-)
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    "T3/T4 T04B V-Band Turbo Charger Turbocharger Brand New"

    It would be nice to find out if he had any body go through it before running it. Any specs on it?
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    "T3/T4 T04B V-Band Turbo Charger Turbocharger Brand New"

    The "ebay" t70's are junk. The master power T70's are good. The holset hy35's would be a great street choice for the 1uz.
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    JJR330 Turbocharger with Internal Wastegate

    If they are the SC61's that I have seen, I think the turbines might be a little laggy on the 1uz set up in twin format.