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    1UZ Bellhousing CAD drawing

    Hi, Does anyone have the 1UZ bellhousing CAD drawing file handy? We're using a 1UZ in front of a chevy transmission. We have a junky DIY adapter plate but the alignment isn't good enough and is causing us trouble. We'd like to make a better, more precise adapter, but to do that we need some...
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    Early heads on VVTi block

    Hey guys, a friend has a 1991 1UZ swapped into a truck, and an oiling issue caused the engine to spin some main bearings. The local junkyards usually have 1UZs for around $150, but for whatever reason there are not many around at the moment. The only engine they have is a '98 VVTi motor. I was...
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    Very low idle when warm, 1990 1UZ

    Hey guys, I've got a relatively low miles (~100,000) 1990 1UZ installed in a Jeep Cherokee with the Jeep AW4 automatic installed behind it (the AW4 is the same thing as an A340E, but uses an external transmission controller). It starts up fine and great, high-idles at ~1200 RPM cold, and as the...