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    Turbo SC400 Wont Rev past 4000 RPM HELP!

    Hey guys i went Turbo and 5Speed on my SC400 and I recently installed an AEM FIC8, but the car is in limp mode (im guessing) once it reaches 3800-4000 it back fires and its like it starves for fuel, my AEM wideband shows my AFR go from 13.8 (2k) 14(3.1k) 15(3.5k) 17(3.8k) and --- at 4K so its...
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    Need Help! 92 SC400 Wont Fire!

    Hey Guys Im building a 92 sc400 im doing a single turbo setup and a borg warner t45 5speed conversion i have alot done but i cant get the coils to fire, they both are reciveing signals i dont know if they are the correct signals, they are both good coils and the crank position sensor is good...
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    Single T70 Sc400 5spd

    Hey Guys Im Building a 92 SC400 with a t70 and a t45 out of a mustang So far I have both the engine and tranny in the car.. Ive had this car since freshman year in highschool i am now a Junior so I havent had much time to work on it these past two years.. but here are some recent build pics...