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    Transmission and transmission cooling ideas & locations

    Transmission and transmission cooling ideas and or locations Been having a hard time with my transmission. The first transmission was burnt due to a bad leak on a 7hr drive. Now I have a new USED transmission with new solenoids, filter and new transmission oil install and on SHORT drives to...
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    1UZ swap and Air Condition

    Thanks to this website and many other write ups, I was able to finish my swap! And NOW need 1 more thing. AIR CONDITIONING. I didn’t think it would be that complicated. But I have run into a dilemma. I have researched that I need to trick the ECU. But no where would give a hint how to trick the...
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    power steering high pressure SS line size?

    this is going in a toyota 4runner and was wonder what size everyone has use for the power steering line??. i have a steel braides SS 3/8 hose with 6AN and doesnt seem to work.. im using an Ls400 pump with the resevoire remotley like the SC400.. i didnt use the banjo bolt and decided to get a 90...
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    timing skipped 1 tooth with error code 13

    didnt really want to post this but i just thought there might be another way! knowing that this swap was not the obvious and everything was never too easy, i was wondering is there any tool or any idea to fix a "skipped tooth" beside removing all that crap in the way? in another words, hoping to...
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    1UZ no sparks issue?

    1UZ Swap: Got my harness back and needed to redo the sub harness that connects to the Cam and Crank Sensors in the front of the motor. It was brittle and waiting to snap. After the rewiring that part, my motor would not start. It cranks only. I recheck my connection with 3 different wiring...
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    Tweaked Performance' Tricks, Lies, and Illusions

    **Tweak’D Performance’s Tricks, Lies, and Illusions** Anyhow, I also want to set the record straight, I am a backyard mechanic and am mechanically incline. It is not my profession, it’s my hobby. I had a 93 SC400 a long time ago, and found out it...
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    afm and tps dtc wont go away

    Been searching multiple websites including this one and no luck with my issue. 92 Lexus SC400 1UZ to a 86 Toyota 4Runner Almost finish this swap and now having some issues. Motor starts up and revs good. It’s getting everything it needs but it has 5 DTC. 7: TPS 29: Right 02 sensor...