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    shifter problem

    I’m having this issue right now. Have same ecu and in between park and neutral it stalls what did you do to fix it?
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    AEM F/IC questions

    Hi everyone I have a 1993 1uz that I'm getting ready to boost, t70 turbo and bigger injectors. I just picked up a AEM F/IC 6 and was curious if anyone has any base maps or any info on wiring this thing in.
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    1uz swapped Prerunner Tacoma

    well since it is a 5 lug tacoma nobody really makes a kit for it. The guys over at Camburg are like family to me. if you ever need anything from over there I get really good prices!
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    1uz swapped Prerunner Tacoma

    Hi guys I've been using lextremes website a lot during my 1UZ swap.I have a 2001 standard cab Toyota Tacoma.I just finished swapping a 1993 ls400 1UZFE. I did the whole swap myself including all the wiring and fabrication needed. My Tacoma also has long travel front suspension and the rear has a...