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    swap A341 valve body to A343f tranny??

    so im tying to complete a swap using a 1992 ls 400 engine ,ecu into a 1972 fj40.Im wanting to use the fj80 a343f for offset front and rear outputs to keep the fj axles . My question is to any transmision guru out there, can i just swap the valve body from the lexus a341 to the fj80 A343f so...
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    1988 4runner gets a 1uz :)

    ok so im liking this way to much .. so my wife says :) picked up another 1988 4runner 3.0 auto , blow head gasket otherwise in great shape . Donor transmission off a 1995 T-100 3.4 auto. modified the steering stabilizer and e-brake bracket
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    1uz-fe into 1st gen 4runner

    ok so ive started on another swap .. we were waiting for the 3.0 to sell , finally did so now onto this swap. So the owner of this truck wants to try and do this with out a body lift , so well be lowering the front diff and modifing the sc oil pan . wants to try and keep a/c and cruise control...
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    sc 400 1uz injectors 23250-50020

    sc 400 injectors 23250-50020 have 12 of them , used working . $13 shipped usa .. overseas plus shipping
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    4 1uz ignitors 89621-12010

    have 4 ignitors 89621-12010 used working $25 shipped usa .. overseas plus shipping
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    1uz Ignitors 89621-12050

    have 6 of them 89621-12050, used working .. $25 each shipped .. overseas plus shipping
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    stock LS,SC 1uz ecu's w/connectors 5 of them

    1992 LS400 ecu 89661-50032 $100 shipped usa .. overseas plus shipping 1990 LS400 ecu 89661-50040 $100 shipped usa .. overseas plus shipping 1990 ls400 ecu 89661-50020 $100 shipped usa .. overseas plus shipping . sc400 ecu 89661-24240, didnt right the year and dont remember $100 shipped...
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    LS400 injectors 23250-50020

    used working stock injectors LS400 $12 each shipped .. usa .. overseas plus shipping
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    Ls 400 exhaust manifolds

    Used exhaust manifolds off a 1992 ls 400 . $100 shipped both right and left with heat shields.
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    ls 400 Throttle body no traction control

    Used throttle body with no traction control ,no TPS installed ,Inside diameter is 75mm. came off a 1992 sc 400 $100 shipped anywhere.
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    ls 400 fan bracket and pulley

    $100 shipped anywhere ,its used but in good condition came off a 1992 ls 400.
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    1uz into a 1988 4runner

    well Im 97% finished already drove it , just need to button up some things still. Thanks for all the info Guys !! Here is link to the detailed thread on yotatech.
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    right transfer case for the lexus tranny ?

    HI all , New to the forum and am just now reasaerching the 1uzfe to 1988 4runner swap,using the lexus tranny and 4runner transfer. I am stil reading about the tranny and transfer, saw madmonts transfer case wrightup on someone elses thread. He says he used a hydraulic chain driven case , but I...