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    LED Interior Lights

    I'm glad you love your new brighter lights! To anyone else interested, please shoot me a PM or email me, tony at Please mention you came from Lextreme to get your special discount.
  2. Luxury Mods

    LED boards for your Interior & Exterior!

    We now carry many other interior LED bulbs for your Lexus! Please email us for package pricing!
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    Celsior Trunk Badges

    We've got a few of these in stock. Brand new from Toyota Japan! $45 shipped each to your door! Paypal is [email protected]
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    UAS Air Suspension Sale!

    Hey guys, we started carrying UAS products for all your air suspension needs! Each kit can be tailored to your liking. Please email us so we can get you the best "setup" for your needs. Not all air systems are the same, UAS makes their airbags in house and has excellent service for their...
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    2010 Calender

    Any pictures of Miss Lextreme?
  6. Luxury Mods

    SC470TT (VVTi)

    Call me when it's done so I can go for a joy ride =)
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    Smooth Cologne - Underseat Air Freshener!

    Hey guys, got some new air freshener for your car...time to smell good! Click the link or picture to order! View the other air fresheners we have here:
  8. Luxury Mods

    CAUTION!!!! Wet Paint

    Not bad, let me know when you're ready for visual mods =)
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    You can order the LS shirt here:
  10. Luxury Mods

    <3Happy Valentines<3 from LuxuryMods! New Air Fresheners for His & Hers!

    Hey guys, with great feedback from our Squash thread, we decided to try out some new scents and picked up the following for your smelling pleasure! These first 2 scents are from the Air Spencer "Black Line". Click the links to order! For him: Sexy Boy scent $8.49 shipped! For her: Sexy...
  11. Luxury Mods

    Project SC400TT

    Nice to see some more progress, can't wait till the beast is done...
  12. Luxury Mods

    LED boards for your Interior & Exterior!

    You have been PM'd! Here are some more pictures of these boards mounted inside a 2nd Gen GS. Inside & Outside shot...
  13. Luxury Mods

    LED boards for your Interior & Exterior!

    I've personally used 2 or 3 different LED boards and have yet to find one that is as nice as this one. The last one I had contained 12 LEDs but soon after, they started flickering and the intensity on each led was not uniform with the rest. We're here to try to offer the best products here so...
  14. Luxury Mods

    LED boards for your Interior & Exterior!

    Hey guys, we've got a bunch of these new LED boards that will brighten up any dull interior... They come with 5 attachments that should make it fit anywhere on any car! Price is $14.99 shipped per board.
  15. Luxury Mods

    Air Force Suspension Group Buy!

    I wish it was that easy, unfortunately they are selling everything as a kit at this time. If you can sell your coilovers for $2,000, I can probably get you these at not much more money:wavey:
  16. Luxury Mods

    Air Force Suspension Group Buy!

    Hey guys! Air Force has improved their setups and now offer their kits in 2 styles! The kit shown on post 1 is no longer produced. Brand: Air Force Suspension Type: Air Cups built on Coilover Shock Body Warranty: 1 Year from Manufacturing Defects Availability: Special order basis...
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    Vertex Ridge Widebody *In Stock*

    Let's try it again Scott! Love to see this widebody on your beast...
  18. Luxury Mods

    Vertex Ridge Widebody *In Stock*

    You have been PM'd sir! Please let us know!
  19. Luxury Mods

    Vertex Ridge Widebody *In Stock*

    Hello guys/gals, Please email us ([email protected]) for the absolute fastest response or send us a message via AIM (LuxuryMods). For our first item special, we have all Vertex kits in stock (ready for shipment or delivery). Please PM or Email (reference Lextreme name) us for...
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    JIC-Magic Promotion!

    We're having a special JIC-Magic promotion! Everything listed is on sale at insane prices! Please PM or Email us for pricing. Sale prices are too low to list! J-Force 05 Wheels Available in Spark Silver, Glittering Black, and Alumnite Black finishes. Sizes: 17" and 18" Widths: 7" - 9.5"...