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  1. MrLexo

    LuxuryMods v2o party in Long Beach!!! 11/12/05 is going to be hosting a party at v2o in Long Beach ( on Saturday 11-12-05 from 10:00pm - 1:30am. We will be showcasing 8-10 cars to be in FRONT of the club. We are working very closely with the owner of the club as well as (promoter) so make...
  2. MrLexo

    Mercedes Style Blinkers

    What you guys think about these? :feedback:
  3. MrLexo

    !~!~! End Of Summer Blow Out Special !~!~!

    We at have lost our marbles!!! We are now offering our first end of summer special / introductory price 2 for all LEXTREME members. These prices are only for a limited time and while supplies last so hurry up and get on our website and let the buying war begin. NOTE : NOT...
  4. MrLexo

    !~!~! LuxuryMods EXCLUSIVE Items For Sale PART 1 !~!~!

    You guys have asked for it and we have listened! Please see below for our SPECIAL Pictures to follow shortly! to order, or please email us at [email protected] 2nd price is the SPECIAL price (what YOU pay) First price is the retail Lexus IS300 IS300 JDM STYLE...
  5. MrLexo

    LS400 Upper Front Strut Tower Bar

    90-94 LS400 Upper Front Strut Tower Bar back in stock!!! We fixed the problem with the upper front strut bar hitting the hood and now the bar is a PERFECT FIT!!!
  6. MrLexo

    Admiration Eyelids/Eyebrows

    We just installed these admiration styled eyelids/eyebrows on our 90 LS400. They were just test fitted so it's unpainted and not actually stuck on. Opinions, comments? IMO it makes the LS look mean, aggressive. :thumbup: I like it!
  7. MrLexo

    Luxurymods Grand Opening Meet

    Hey! The LuxuryMods/Lextreme Meet is right around the corner! Inform your family, friends, neighbors, etc. and let them know that the biggest event of this summer will be held at: LuxuryMods 20255 Paseo Del Prado Walnut, CA 91879 on July 23rd from 12pm-5pm. There will be free food, drinks...
  8. MrLexo

    New Line of bodykits

    Come check out our new line of bodykits. They all range under $1000 so everyone can get one! maybe 2!
  9. MrLexo

    Trenz Billet Grille just installed

    Just installed this grille on my 94 LS today. It makes it look MEAN. I think it's a definite improvement over the stock one.
  10. MrLexo

    LuxuryMods' IS300 Turbo makes SuperStreet Magazine

    We would like to congratulate Peter Hoang from Team Illmatic and LuxuryMods for making SuperStreet magazine. SuperStreet is one of the largest and most read import street car magazine in the world. Peter has been buildling his IS300 for the past 3 years and has now completed his journey. So...
  11. MrLexo

    LuxuryMods Customer Appreciation Day- July 23rd 2005

    LuxuryMods is having our first annual Customer Appreciation Day on July 23rd 2005. The event will be held at our facilities at: 20255 Paseo Del Prado Walnut, CA 91789 The event will be open to the public and does not cost anything to attend. We just ask that you bring your vehicle and...
  12. MrLexo

    SC Concept Lights

    Thought, Opinions, Feedback? Here is a some designs of LED lights for the 1st gen SC. Please provide some feedback to help come out with a new design of tail lights for the SC community. These are red/clear lights with a future like look for the reverse light. The LEDs will light up red.
  13. MrLexo

    LuxuryMods free Keychain offer

    In appreciation for your participation to our mailing list and celebration in the opening our our new website, we would like to send you a FREE official Heavy Duty Engraved Keychain with an option of getting your vehicle engraved on the back for no extra charge. Please reply to...
  14. MrLexo

    Just dropped my car and installed some rims

    I just installed 19" Lowenhart BSD's- 3 piece in chrome and new suspension (Tokico shocks, Tanabe springs). The car is about 2" lower than the stock suspension but surpisingly the ride hasn't changed much. Pretty good combination I guess. But anyhow, here's the pics:
  15. MrLexo

    Now to get some pictures going

    I noticed a lot of members the forum doesn't have a lot of pictures of cars. Hopefully I can start a trend with this thread . 2000 LS400 Black/Black. Work 20" 3-Piece Rezak II Wheels Diamond Cut.
  16. MrLexo having server problems.. be up by 3/24

    I want to appologize to everyone who has been on the site the past 48 hours. Our server wasn't able to handle the traffic we've been receiving and crashed several times. We switched to a new server and they're taking a long time to update our site. They're making sure all the security...