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  1. mshawari1

    Zenvo ST1 - Twin charge system

    This car is 100% built in Denmark ... Performance (kW/hp/min) 810 / 1104 / 6900 Max. torque (Nm/min) 1430 / 4500 Top speed (km/h) 375 (electronically controlled) Acceleration 0–100 km/h (s) 3,0 Hp/weight 802 bhp per tonne some pictures: :confused:
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    Could you help me on this ECU

    Greeting!! :) I've put my hands on a 1UZ-FE VVT-i ECU ... Could some one help me on finding what car this ECU belong to? what about security (immobilizer)? I'm looking for the wiring diagram for this ECU also Here is the number on ECU: 275000-0191P* 89661-3A600 some pic:
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    2006 GS430 Brake Upgrade

    Hi, I've try to search about this but all of what I get is EBC kit. the problem is OEM brake makes some noise with little vibration (feeling). I'm looking for a brake upgrade kit anyhow ... could some one suggest any kit (with or without disks)
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    LS400 Accident in UAE

    This accident happen in UAE... the driver survived with no scratch!! He was locked in the car for more than 2 hours.
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    CARFAX Salvage Title

    Hi, I am planning to buy a car which was imported from USA. The car body looks good even it was fixed an painted. The CARFAX report says (Total loss vehicle) and salvage title #61469841CH01. How I could get a picture for the car before fixation and/or some details on the...
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    2JZ-GTE VVTi (Aristo) ECU immobilizer

    Hi, I may have the opportunity to purchase a very good condition, complete 2JZ-GTE VVT-i engine/trans setup from a JDM Aristo for cheap (~ 1000 USD). The question is: dose it has immobilizer? do i need the key and the immobilizer computer? Its a complete front clip ... but the key is not...
  7. mshawari1

    Help!! Hard to Start, hesitation on the RPM band

    Greeting!! After I fix the problem of the 4000 RPM surging by fixing the crank sensor wires, I have another problem: Symptom: - Hard to start, three or four long cranking is required. - From idle if I WOT, it will die for a moment before the revs build. - After 2500 RPM… it has good...
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    Help!! surging and cut at 4000 – 4200 RPM

    Hi, I’m facing this problem since I’ve replace the front and back oil sealing. That’s required the engine to be out then installed again. It idle very smooth and the power is good under WOT till it reaches 4000 - 4200 then its look like the switch is turned-off then it’s comes alive after...
  9. mshawari1

    1UZ into 96' Land Rover Discovery

    My 3.9 engine suspected to have a broken ring. And needs complete overhaul. The swap will cost the same as the rebuild. The major things required are to relocate the A/C and the adapter plate. What you think … shall I do the swap?? Let me know about your thoughts ………
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    Help! My engine does not work properly...

    This is the case: -If I open the throttle by ~ 10%... its reach 2000 RPM then its drop to 1500 RPM then weak up again to 2000 RPM and so on. -If I open the throttle by ~ 20%... its reach 3000 RPM and stay smooth. -If I open the throttle by ~ 100%... its reach ~ 4200 RPM then its drop to 4000...
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    Can I get 300RWHP @ 8PSI?

    Can I achieve 300WHP If it is a stock 1UZ with Eaton M112 supercharger @ 8PSI + 250cc injectors. With manual transmission "W58". If you don't think it's not possible… what shall I do to achieve that goal? WI maybe?
  12. mshawari1

    The New GM Supercharged LS3 Marine Engine

    Specifications Type: 6.2L Gen-IV V8 Small Block Displacement: 6162 cc (376.0 ci) Compression Ratio: 9.1:1 Valve Configuration: Overhead Valves Assembly Site: Silao, Mexico Valve Lifters: Hydraulic Roller Firing Order: 1 - 8 - 7 - 2 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 Bore x Stroke: 103.25 x 92 mm Fuel System...
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    How fuel injector works

    Is the input voltage for the injector a variable voltage that increased gradually with RPM? OR Is it a square wave… And the frequency varieties related to the RPM Some one can help!
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    LS1 Into Toyota Hilux

    Every thing kept as stock to maintain durability… 260 WHP This swap was done by Al-Jemeah work shop Here is the pictures…………….
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    The new SLR pictures !!

    Speed killes !!
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    Bentley GT Engine Pictures

    This car was in the air-condition workshop … I have couple of comment on this pictures: - See how is the intake manifold is welded !! - That turbo is hanged in un horizontal position .
  17. mshawari1

    Cylinder Numbering ??

    Is that right ?? The left is odd : 1-3-5-7 The right is even : 2-4-6-8 The numbering start from the front
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    The easiest way to align your timing belt

    When you remove an old timing belt "No marks on the belt" and you want to install it again … You don't need to install the crank pulley to make it on "0" mark .. there is a small mark on the oil pump wall indicate the "0" mark . After you put the crank on "0" and align the L cam to the mark...
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    Some one tell me why ? pictures for the L &R bank

    Why the left bank is more dirty than the right one ? Is this because the PVC is not working well ! I need to delete that PVC and put two hose in one oil catch can but the question is : dose the joint in the right side "without valve" fit in the left side if I bring another one..
  20. mshawari1

    My Crown Twin Turbo project starts !!

    Here is my setup: - Twin T3/50 .48 A/R turbo, running at 7~8 PSI. - Stock ECU + maybe extra fuel injector. - Stock Engine. - No IC but WI. The biggest thing I concern about is how to route the exhaust. I will buy a " Acetylene + Oxygen" then learn how to work with it . Some pictures...