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  1. mshawari1

    1uz vvti into a Volga

    nice work!!
  2. mshawari1

    Adapting a ZF 4hp-24 to the 1uz

    Hi, old post !! what you decided in the end ... do you have some pic? I'm planning to do the same but having the output shaft from A650e to the LT230 without any adapter (case) .
  3. mshawari1

    1UZ swap for Porsche 911

    What a nice project .. the search lead me to your post . last week I had an offer to buy a 1999 911 GT3 with bad engine for about 6K $!! I was thinking to put 1UZ or L98 engine on it. show us more pictures for the water cooling system and exhaust system
  4. mshawari1

    Project SC400TT

    Hi Ryan, d you got some pictures after the fix and paint?
  5. mshawari1


    Sorry for that, wishing you the best
  6. mshawari1

    MY 1uz into my 93 dualcab hilux

    What a nice camping car !! camping trips are much better for kids .. right ?
  7. mshawari1

    FD rx7 1uz with m122

    Toyota Landcruiser uses a small servo for the clutch ... FYI
  8. mshawari1

    Inside a DOHC valve cover at 14,000rpm

    Yes, if you rev the engine too high ... the springs will spin !! hehehe
  9. mshawari1

    Zenvo ST1 - Twin charge system

    This car is 100% built in Denmark ... Performance (kW/hp/min) 810 / 1104 / 6900 Max. torque (Nm/min) 1430 / 4500 Top speed (km/h) 375 (electronically controlled) Acceleration 0–100 km/h (s) 3,0 Hp/weight 802 bhp per tonne some pictures: :confused:
  10. mshawari1

    M112 Manifold Mod 2

    Congratulation!! that is about 50% improvement ... right. what was the boost reading during that dyno?
  11. mshawari1

    Need some advice, oldschool sound needed

    IMO, if you copy the way of the V8 firing order and have two separate (3 Cly. each) small headers (to keep low end torque) into two "separate" big mufflers. may it will work for you
  12. mshawari1

    FD rx7 1uz with m122

    Nice project .... are you going to use the brake without booster? It will be very hard. you may try another type of servo or shift the pedals.
  13. mshawari1

    99 4runner 2UZ-FE conversion

    I can see most of the pictures... Are you going to use the 2UZ transmission with 4runner Transfer case? manual or auto? exciting project ... going to be 4X4 monster
  14. mshawari1

    hey trom th uk

    Welcome ... waiting for your project dairy !!
  15. mshawari1

    NA Drift 1/2UZFE build :)

    I would prefer the idea of stock 1UZ VVTi with aftermarket ECU (Link maybe) and headers.
  16. mshawari1

    Please help!!!

    Yes, you could check that ISC too according to the manual resistant reading. next is the A/C idle speed trigger.
  17. mshawari1

    1UZFE idle too high.

    Disconnect the A/C wire in the ECU. As I remember its GND activated.. to rise the engine idle speed.
  18. mshawari1

    1 UZFE into Pagoda SL

    Move on!! . It will be a nice daily driven car with that 1UZ. for the rack and pinion ... you may look at OPEL 90s .
  19. mshawari1

    Please help!!!

    What I remember is 650 RPM +- 50 for idle speed. you could play with TPS till you reach acceptable reading. Or, Reset the ECU and fix the TPS in the middle ... use it for one day ... if its not fixed try play with ISC.