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  1. em_knaps

    WTB 1UZ auto trans (NZ)

    Hey folks, Im in auckland new zealand and am in need of a complete 1uz auto trans. folks outside NZ need not apply as the shipping would make things ridiculously expensive. I dont need the bellhousing but i do need the converter. prefer a minter but anything would be considered, looking at the...
  2. em_knaps

    Engine Mount Flange CAD File

    Hey folks, after downloading a cad file from this website that was instrumental in my twin turbo lexus conversion i thought id upload one that i made to assist my next twin turbo lexus conversion. It is a .dxf cad file of the engine mounting plate that would bolt to your engine and then have...
  3. em_knaps

    1UZTT in NZ.

    I was searching thru our local trademe site (similar to ebay) found this little gem. was originally in a GT Caldina with just RWD. went damn fast. very good value for money...
  4. em_knaps

    Header Flange Plates

    Hey lads, am having terrible trouble tracking down some header flange plates here in New Zealand to make my exhaust from. every flange that is made locally is profile cut from a gasket, the shape of which is perfect for a gasket but is absolutely useless as a header flange as it has the wrong...
  5. em_knaps

    MK4 Supra, 1UZ tt and T56

    Hey folks, A project that has been in the works for half a year or so.. 93' JZA80: 91'? UZZ30 1UZ-FE soarer engine (perfect fit in the supra crossmember/mounts) 2004 GM Holden Commodore T56 box. (TUET1660) 350ftlb rating. Nascar second hand Quatermaster Triple Plate clutch. Cheap...