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    WTB - IS300, SC300 or MK4 Supra clutch pedal assembly complete

    Anyone or all of the above if you have it, thanks. I'm located in California zipcode 95351 for shipping quote.
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    I have been Immobilised. Help?

    I used the ecu out of my wrecked 97 LS400. This is what happens. Can anyone confirm the immobiliser is holding me back?
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    LS400 5spd M/T

    I've searched and searched and came up with nothing except people attempting to do it but never hearing about it again. Well, if I'm wrong, I apologize. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the first LS400 5spd M/T. My buddy who owns Daft Innovations was making this for one of his...
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    UZX-83 Cressida UZ swap

    I've been in love with the UZ's for a very very long time. My old LS400 proved to me that the 1UZ is just bad ass. So anyway, I got tired of watching peoples UZ Cressidas and decided to feed my need for UZX passion. Unfortunately, since I spend a lot of time on the road, this build will be...