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    R154 & 1UZ adapter plate w/bellhousing

    Price shipped to 08901? Definitely a freight item.
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    BMW E30 1uzfe

    What was required to get the cluster working? Is it as simple as running the stock harness? I'm looking for a wrecked LS400 at the moment and want to make sure I grab everything I need in one shot. Also, do you have an album of the photos, apparently they don't work on my computer.
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    Even if I have to modify the collector or something like that, it will still be cheaper than custom headers. I was thinking about getting something like below, cutting it at the collector, extending it to where I want, and making it V-band. Gotta see if it clears the steering column though.
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    Max capabilities of piggy-back systems

    Are there any piggy-back systems available for the 1UZ with real tuning abilities? This is what I am looking for: -ignition timing -fuel management -VVTI control -rev limit
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    Does this go for all 2UZ motors? The exhaust ports and mounting studs are the same as a 1UZ? I'm looking for some tight fitting headers for an E30 project and this could be the ticket.
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    I think im going to go with a non-VVTI for now, to make sure my setup can handle the rigors of sliding. I would rather pop a $400 motor and be able to replace it. I want a good harness and planned on using the Toyota cluster, so I will try to find a good clip around here. It is possible...
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    Thanks for the quick info. That definitely changes the budget. Is $400 about right for a non-VVTI? (Engine, harness, ECU, coils, sensors, AFM). I won't need the autobox as I will be sorting an R154 and associated bits.
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    I have been searching around a lot trying to price out some swap parts but Im looking for a little help. I want to stay NA so I know I want the late model VVTI 1UZ. A lot of the sources I have found give different data on these motors so I want to be %100 sure. From what I understand...
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    FS: 97 1UZFE Complete Swap

    I need something to blow my tax return on. Are either of these motors still available?
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    Whats up everyone. Ive been lurking for a bit and wanted to say hello. I used to swing a wrench for a living but recently returned to school. My current rides are an '93 Nissan 240sx (track) and an '87 BMW 325 (daily). Im pretty sure they both need 1UZ's. I don't know how this motor...