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    Anybody have the file for cat flange?

    Hello all, Am wanting to start working on my exhaust and looking for the 3 bolt 1uz cat flange. I have a shop that can water jet ss for me. Thanks Charley
  2. A's R154 to 1uz adaptor install

    Hello, I see that you are very familiar with 1uz/r154 conversions and I am wondering if you know how much clearance there is between the auto bellhousing and transmission tunnel on the sc400? The reason I ask is because I wonder if my r154 hydraulic issues are related to the bleed line exiting...
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    sc400 w58 flywheel spacer?

    How did you come to conclusion that trans was not square to engine? I need to figure out what's going on with my setup still... Charley
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    Ive Read on people trying to remove sludge, but what about the soudge breaking off and clumping up the oil pickup? Thats the only reason why im nervous if there is sludge Charley Ive heard of people using the diesel trick where they fill the motor up and let it sit for awhile( maybe 2 weeks or...
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    R154 installed, problem with hydraulics/tob

    So i finished an r154 swap on a 1uz about 1 month ago. But ever since ive finished ive had a problem with the hudraulics or tob. Im using the quantum auto kit, with tilton 61-400 tob. My brother and i have bled the system about 20x or so and... So here are the issues 1. Clutch pedal returns...
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    Need some guidance on Power Steering Pressure Hose

    For A, use two wrenches For B, just go at it. I actually have a 97 muself and have replaced it, and dont recall using any special tools, do you know how to daisy chain 2 wrenches together? Charley
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    LSD swap for the SC400 ???

    Not all jza80 have 220mm ring gear, only tt 6speed, rest of jza80 are all 200mm Charley
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    LSD swap for the SC400 ???

    Heres a list that will work to help with mpg Sc400(98-00) Ls400 Sc430 Gs400 Supra auto tt As far as torsen, i only know that stock soarer and mkiv supra tt auto work What is a jza70? Charley
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    1uz rear main seal cover plate

    ok, well someone else gave the following torque specs for: rear main seal plate 52in-lbs flywheel ~75ft-lbs pressure plate ~25ft-lbs as for sealing rear main plate, toyota black FIPG will work Charley
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    1uz rear main seal cover plate

    hello all, in the middle of my r154 swap and decided to remove the rear main seal cover plate to replace the rear main seal and o-ring behind the plate, but now am wondering what should i use to seal it. it looks like there is some sort of foamy squishy grey stuff, but I am wondering if i...
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    Anyone SC400s or SC300s in Arizona? Meet anyone?

    Phoenix as well. I assume you have a 1uz? Any mods Charley
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    96 SC400 full part out

    How much for driver and passenger door panels? What color is the interior and exterior Charley
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    **Japan** Panasport G7 C5C2 17x8.5 17x9.5 +40 5x114.3

    a pic of all 4 G7's together and actual measurements of barrels interested, love the wheels Charley
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    **Japan** Panasport G7 C5C2 17x8.5 17x9.5 +40 5x114.3

    i love G7's, but something tells me this is a scam Charley
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    Early 1uz rear main seal pn?

    Hello all, Was searching but unable to find the part number for the rear main seal. Anything else I should change when swapping out the auto for 5 speed? Thanks Charley
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    R-154 to 1UZ question

    You'll need the r154 front driveshaft and sc300 rear driveshaft if this is to be put into an sc300/400. Or just have one custom made. Goodluck Charley
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    Sc400 mkiii r154 mount?

    I am sorry to be a complete noob, but I would like a little more information on how I have to custom make one. I have been told that I need to use the stock AT mount and the R154 mount? I did come across this information once I believe, but cant seem to locate on how to custom make the mount...
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    Sc400 mkiii r154 mount?

    Hello all, I've already gathered all the parts needed for a mkiii r154 transmission to be mated to my 93 1UZ. The only confusion that I have( I have been searching all over) is what transmission crossmember and transmission mount do I use? I'm currently upgrading the r154 with the usual...
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    R154 Issues

    During my research on r154, I've heard that if the thrust washer goes, then you will have gear pop outs like you've explained. But I remember hearing that it will do this on 1 2 and 3 gear. Have you found out your issue yet? Charley
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    Should I or shouldn't I?

    I don't know your family and don't take it the wrong way, but an inexperienced driver is an inexperienced driver. Giving them something with showoff power just enables accidents. Stick with a stock 1uz. Btw, how much you selling that motor for, I don't have any money but just curious to know...