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    1993 ls 400

    1993 Lexus LS 400 NO traction Control NO air suspension 162K miles Asking $3000 OBO wont take less than $2500 Selling because I moved to the Bay Area from Nebraska and bought a Camry Hybrid. I dont need this car. Problems: Front suspension is original and has never been replaced so...
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    Bay Area (Peninsula)

    Hey guys I just moved to the Bay Area(San Mateo), any members out here?
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    Sick of the Cold n Snow

    Whats up guys? Its been 3 weeks since I drove my Lexus. You guys who live in CA TX n FL have it good. :mad:
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    Homemade crossover

    Hey guys check this car out. lol Jibby ull love this
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    Car not heating up

    Hey guys need your I live in Nebraska and its getting Cold. My car coolant Temp gauge would not reach the half mark especially if I was on the Interstate with the heater ON. Im planning on going driving to St Louis Missouri for the weekend. I changed the coolant completely in my car using...
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    Embarasing Story

    Ok guys most ppl like to post their kill stories, well here is a story of me getting beat. So the other day I was at a stop light at a major intersection here and guess what there was two girls in an Oldsmobile Alero. The driver was revving her engine and inching forward and wanted to race...
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    Gas cap

    real easy one here guys. Whenever I open my gas cap the pressure buildup is huge, so I assumed that my gas cap was bad so I got a STANT gas cap for my car from Oreilly's and i smelled gasoline so I put the original old cap back on and I dont smell gasoline but just alot of pressure when i open...
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    Is it worth it? Under $10 and u can find it at Walmart. What do you guys think of it?
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    Size question

    Ok so Im finally ready to do my exhaust for 93 LS400, I got the parts today from Summit. I plan on sticking with 2" from cats to center resonator. Im replacing the Center muffer with a 2.5 Dynomax Bullet($39). I couldnt find a cheap good Ypipe so Im using the 2"in 2.5in" out from Magnaflow...
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    Cleaning MAF

    hey guys kinda confused here. I check the MAF on my 93 LS400 and there is this honeycomb looking thing and there is a fly or small bee stuck in it. Should i try to get it out or is it really sensitive and will i mess something up. Also some ppl on here saying not to clean the MAF cuz its not...
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    93-94LS400 vs other full size sedans

    I know everyone here is a Lexus fan but I want an objective answer. in a quarter mile drag race with both drivers having same skill, both cars in good conditon, and both cars factory stock. which car would could beat the ls400 out of these from the same years. I tried looking online on Motor...
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    "O" dash light

    Hello can some one help me out? I just got my brakes done and the dash light came on and I dont know what it is. Its looks just like "O". does that have anything to do with my brakes? or is it something else? thanks
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    Taking forever to idle down

    My 93ls has new cap rotor plugs wires and coil. Even when its warm outside when I start it, takes about 7-10mins to idle down 650rpm. Is this normal? I used to have a Z28 now I also have a Honda Accord and when Id start it would give it a few revs and it would idle down in a min or 2.
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    Overfill Tranny fluid

    I recently drained the tranny pan. ANd said it should be about 2.3 something quarts. basically said whatever came out put that much back in. So thats what I did and I checked the dipstick and and its too much. Long story short, is there any harm in over filling tranny fluid?
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    Toyota Dlrship vs Lexus vs Lexuspartsonline

    This has probably been discussed and is very obvious but it made me laugh. I recently changed the Tranny Fluid on LS400. The Drain plug didnt have a gasket so to make a long story short it was leaking and I needed part #35178-50010 now known as 35178-30010. Its just a lil tiny washer/gasket...
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    Where Is The Driver's Side Ignition Coil?

    hello, I m doing a tune up cap, rotors, plugs and ingition coils. I found the passenger side coil, it obvious right there in the front top but I cannot find the LH(driver's side) ignition coil. I have looked at all the tutorials and the ones here and I didnt see it. I havent removed...
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    Exhaust Question

    Howdy every1, I just got a 1994 Lexus Ls400 and I love the car. However, it sounds like its "plugged" and really quiet, you cant even tell if the car is on. Which is very different from what Im used to driving(Camaro/Firebird/ImpalaSS-which I ll never go back to). Basically I just want to wake...