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    Complete M112 Supercharger Kit (Adaptronic ECU, Innovate MTX-L, AEM W/M kit)

    Everything brand new in box. Full M112 Kit. Everything is brand new except the M112 which came off a low mile Cobra. M112 & Custom 1UZ Package M112 from SVT Mustang Cobra 2004 Custom 1UZ Lower Manifold for M112 M112 to 1UZ Throttle Body Adapter Modified 94.5 Fuel Rails w/o 7th...
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    1UZ Vortech V3 Si, Nitrous, Titan Line Lock, AEM FIC 8 & Failsafe Wideband, and MORE

    All Prices are Shipped Price AEM FIC 8 $350 AEM Failsafe Wideband BRAND NEW $200 (worth $300) NX Maxmizer 4: Progressive nitrous controller $275 BRAND NEW (worth $400) GTspec Rear Strut Bar BRAND NEW $140 Denso Supra TT F/P BRAND NEW $140 Used Kyosan (Denso copy) 280 high flow Supra TT F/P...
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    WTB: Fishbracket for 1UZ Supercharger

    Looking for a 1UZ supercharger fishbracket for my vortech. Thanks!
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    Clean400's Centrifugal Supercharged Nitrous 1UZ

    Clean400's Centrifugal Supercharged Nitrous 1UZ Let's start off with the mods I've done so far. Suspension Setup: NF210 / Tokico Blues Comfortable suspension, more sporty than stock. Only a slight drop. Great for people who want to keep that Lexus feel. Suspension is very smooth...
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    1UZ ITB Setup & Two Fuel Rails.

    Sold. Thanks for looking.
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    Mallory 685 Ignition Box. Can I use this on SC400 for Nitrous Setup?

    I'm getting a nitrous wet setup installed on my 92 SC400. This Mallory 685 caught my eye because it has an RPM Window Switch built in and it can retard timing when I'm using nitrous. Then revert back to my stock timing when not using nitrous.