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  1. fastegg

    Cam belt

    What's the longest known mileage on a UCF20 cam belt ?.... Have there been any known failures ?... What would likely fail ?
  2. fastegg

    Seat belt retractor

    My drivers side seat belt wont retract unless I feed it in by hand. Is it buggered ?.... Can it be fixed if I pull it out or should I just source another one ? Its very annoying feeding it back in every time i get out... and leaving it out looks very untidy...
  3. fastegg

    Replace timing belt

    I'm just psyching myself up to do both a timing belt and starter motor... At 295,000km the 2nd belt is due and the starter is doing the click-click-click thing.. I'm going to be using a complete Toyota timing belt kit and with it is a crank seal. I'd like to change it. Ive watched 2 youtube...
  4. fastegg

    OBD2 scan tool for iphone5c

    Has anyone used one of these cheap OBD2 wi-fi scan tools for an iphone5 ? They're really cheap on ebay... Any good for a '98 LS400 ?
  5. fastegg

    Air fuel tuning

    I'm just about to install my Dynojet air/fuel ratio gauge. I'd like to start 'fiddling' and try to get better fuel economy on the highway....I have read somewhere if I put a variable resistor on one of the sensors (Intake air temp sensor, coolant temp sensor or other) by tricking the ECU into...
  6. fastegg

    Idle problem

    I have an intermittent problem... when I take my foot off the accelerator pedal the engine stops or idles very rough with puffs of black smoke.... A sensor problem ?
  7. fastegg

    Fuel consumption gauge

    There was a guy making a fuel consumption gauge a while back, I had one but Ive lost it (just when I need it) The name was like Morinigp or something like that.. I think he may also come from Russia or Ukraine... if anyone knows what I'm talking about let me know...
  8. fastegg

    Exhaust mods... better fuel economy ?

    I just took out the rear mufflers to see what it sounds like.... it sounds like a cop car when its idling.. not loud, maybe a tiny bit of drone but easy ok... I decided to drive it around for a few days and to my disbelief the fuel computer is telling me its getting 10% better economy on the...
  9. fastegg

    Brand new aftermarket starter motor

    I have spoken in my other post about my clicking solenoid. I note on ebay USA (Im Australian) you can get 'brand new' aftermarket starter motors for under $100 and under $100 freight. Has anybody used these as a replacement ? Are they close to OEM quality ? Or do you go reman ?
  10. fastegg

    Dension-iPhone4s-audio hook up

    On ebay there is a Dension devise for hooking an iPhone4s directly into the CD input (unplug CD player first) $176 and $45 for the docking cable. ? I'm currently playing my music thats in my iphone thru a cassette adapter thingy. It works but sound quality not nearly as good as the CD...
  11. fastegg

    Timing belt

    Will be replacing timing belt soon.. On ebay there are a few that don't state what brand they are. Is it important ?... should I use OEM Toyota ?..Gates ?.. does it matter ?
  12. fastegg

    Starter solenoid 'clicking''

    My '98 LS has 280,000km and the starter solenoid is doing the click-click... Is a solenoid kit suffice or should I replace the whole starter with new or reco ?
  13. fastegg

    Battery in the boot (trunk)

    After 2 Odyssey batteries died after 14 months each and not getting warranty on either, I worked out that it was the heat of the engine bay that killed them. Since I'll never give Odyssey another penny I purchased a Fullriver and installed it in the boot running heavy 2 gauge cable... hopefully...
  14. fastegg

    '98 LS400 Coilovers

    Looking at getting a set of adjustable coil overs. Quiet a few on the market. Has anyone purchased a set ?.. Has anyone got any suggestions ?
  15. fastegg

    Cracking sound in front suspension

    When I drive in and out of my driveway which has a few deep bumps, slow speed turns where there is a dip in the road or speed bumps there is a 'crack' sound in the front end somewhere.... Any suggestions where to look ?
  16. fastegg

    HID headlights flickering

    1999 LS400 with factory HID low beam. They start flickering, If I turn them off and on, they are good, then a few kms later they do it again... they will keep flickering until I turn them off & on..... then a few kms... flickering again. Hi beam is fine. Any suggestions ?
  17. fastegg

    '99 LS400 Catalytic converter

    Would there be any advantage gutting the cat converters ?
  18. fastegg

    UCF10-UCF20 diff centre

    Would the (torsen) diff center from a UCF10 fit a UCF20 ? I have a '99 LS400 with open diff and I can get a LSD from an early Soarer. The cases are different but I think the centers / crown wheels are interchangeable... Can anyone confirm this ? Thanks :)
  19. fastegg

    Battery being drained

    '98 LS400.. Something is draining the battery when everything is switched off... Before I take it to an auto electrician, any suggestions what it may be ?
  20. fastegg

    1UZ engine swap

    Somebody has just asked me... When putting a UCF21 engine in another car, apart from using all the usual stuff, motor, transmission, ECU, wiring loom, key and ignition barrel, he asked me if there is a transponder to link the key to the ECU. Does anyone know anything of this ?