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    Lambo being smoked by Supra

    Happy Friday boys! The title says it all. Anyone can appreciate this video. A must see =] I, myself, would prefer to see a drag race between the SC470 and the Lambo...
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    Lextreme Servers

    Sorry things have been down for... about the last 22-23 hours. I know the company that's hosting this website has had fabulous uptime ranking in it's history of over 6 years. As soon as the lights go out things get crazy and they work on getting everything back up as fast as they can and work on...
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    Supra 2JZ Engine Swap

    Don't hate.
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    2007 Long Beach GP this weekend!

    Anyone going? I'll be hanging out all weekend watching the action. Time to see and hear some REAL engine revvin out! Ahhh I love racing.
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    Unique Oil Pan

    Has anyone run across an oilpan like this one? I've never seen one like this on a 1UZ. I'm trying to I.D. this engine I got by the mechanical components. Check it out. :shrug:
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    Airplane Engine Swap

    I had a good laugh at this one and thought I should share the humor with the good people here that would appreciate it. :laughing: This is kinda how I feel putting this super sweet 1UZ in my Tacoma! =]
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    Fel-Pro Head Gaskets

    Here is a shot of my Fel-Pro head gaskets that I ordered recently. If I was a high roller I would have grabbed a set of multi-layer gaskets but I don't plan on boosting for a while and these are affordable. I ordered a gasket set that came with really crappy head gaskets that I threw away. These...
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    Stainless Valves Anyone?

    Does anyone know if there are any larger size stainless valves for the 1UZ available? My builder has put bigger valves in other toyota and honda heads with good results but of course he can't find anything aftermarket for the 1UZ! I've been looking around for a while now and I haven't found any...
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    Fuel Injector Overhaul

    My injectors were in horrible shape when I took them out. The pintel caps were all cracked and not suitable to use under any circumstances. I looked through many sources for replacement parts and they are super hard to source. Even if you do find the grommets they are expensive. I gave up and...
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    Fire Damage from an Accident? Ideas?

    I obtained an engine from a really shady character who lied many times and gauranteed the engine to be in working condition. Well upon taking it apart and investigating this is definitely not the case. And of course the seller doesn't answer my calls. I got it cheap so I'll deal with it. I am...
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    1UZ Valve Seal Replacement Process

    I was a little dissapointed when I searched around for how to replace valve seals. I found good advice but nothing with pictures explaining exactly what is going on. I did find the write up done by the Supra guys which helped but the pictures were lackluster. Here is my effort to help people...
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    I love changing valve seals

    :pat: Ahhh you know what happens when you are in a hurry? You drop a keeper down an oil passageway! Yes! That's what I did just now and it feels great. So I guess I could just put a new one in and leave it rattleing around in the oil pan for eternity. Orrrr I could just take the heads off, take...
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    1UZ into my Off-Road Long Travel Tacoma

    1UZ into my Toyota Tacoma So I was just going to put the motor in my truck but then I started to take a closer look. It seems that the seller lied to me about the engines history. Basically telling me anything to get my money. :rant: ANyways some things were slightly melted from an accident so...
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    Name that part!

    Alright guys I have a question about a part. Can anyone tell me what this item is the picture is? It is located right next to the 2 ignitors in the passenger side engine compartment. :33: Do I need this for my 1uz conversion? I was on the hunch that it was the ignition noise suppressor but my...
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    Front Hydraulic Assembly Needed (pic)

    Hey guys the engine I am going to use for my project is missing the front hydraulic assembly and pulley. I would really appreciate it if someone had an extra laying around that they would part with. Here is a nifty picture showing what I'm working with (or without).
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    INsane SC V8 in 240z chassis

    I couldn't help but post this for all the horsepower lovers out there. I want to supercharge my 1UZ now. That sound is awesome and all business. go now. :slomo: i hope you all don't mind it's not a Lex.