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    1uz MX83 and 87 Toy pickup dual build

    Hey guys. Been a member for a while and posted an intro threads years ago. I bought my 1990 Mx83 with a blon headgasket for $500. I intended to just keep it as a daily (to keep the miles off my low mileage 1993 LS400 i bought earlier). I paid a shop $1000 to "fix" the hg. Enjoyed the car...
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    1uz swapped cressida with cressida fuel pump?

    Hey guys, I have been driving my 1uz swapped 1990 cressida for almost a month now. The motor runs great but I have noticed that the entire exhaust from the manifold to the muffler gets EXTREMELY hot during hard WOT runs. I would expect the manifolds to be very hot but even the muffler is...
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    92 SC400 ecu with a 93-94 sc400 1uz?????

    Hey guys, So I bought what I was told is 92 sc400 1uz for my cressida swap. The motor came with a full harness minus the ecu. I bought a 92 ECU later. During my build I became suspicious about the year of the 1uz since it has the electric modulators for the EGR valve instead of the vacuum...
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    New member with love for the 1uz

    Hello guys, I have browsed this website for a while and decided to join up. I have owned my 93 LS400 for about 2 years now and I love it. I love the 1uz's smooth power delivery and it's MECHANICAL reliabilty. I has a few issues with the ecu in the LS but the used replacement ecu seems...