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    1st Gen (UCF11) with Exhaust Cut out Valve

    Decided to see if one would fit, and what it would sound like. Feels a bit more powerful down low with the valve closed. But who knows what a Dyno would say, I'd be interested in getting it dyno'd actually before the car sells. With the Valve open, I can't tell. It's just really bloody loud...
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    Camshaft timing

    Does anyone know how many degrees of timing each tooth on the Intake cam timing gear, and scissor gear are? I saw somewhere mention of it being 7.5 degrees, so was wondering if it were possible to retard the intake cam 7.5 via shifting the gear 1 tooth and advance the exhaust 7.5 via the...
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    Exhaust Merging options and Scavenging

    Ok here's a quick question for our exhaust guru, JBrady. Answer may help a few others. My exhaust (2.25 dual with balance pipe)my original exhaust guy suggested putting a small balance pipe in my twin exhaust setup and due to lack of research, I let him go with the balance pipe instead of the...