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    1UZ vvti into a 4x4 1996 4Runner

    Did you supply 12 volts to the +BM terminal on the ecu? That powers the throttlebody.
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    2UZ Throttle body on 1UZ VVTi

    The 2uz non vvti and 1uz vvti throttle bodies are identical. They are both cable actuated electric throttle bodies.
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    1UZ cooling system questions / issues

    My experience. My LS400 started slightly overheating when sitting in traffic and progressively got worse. Eventually the heater stopped blowing cold. I didn't loose any coolant or have any compression issue so I knew it couldn't be the head gasket. I pulled one heater hose while the motor was...
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    1uz swap, bad ecu?

    E1 is ground. Check for continuity across E1 and the engine block first. The all ecu harness to engine grounds must be mounted.
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    sc400 X-pipe and stock mufflers

    I'm running a 3uz in my 90 supra. My exhaust is 2.5" pipe with an x-pipe right after the trans. Then it transitions to a y-pipe just before the differential and a single pipe up to the 2.5" free flowing magnaflow muffler. Sounds really good but just a little raspy around 5k rpm. Might install...
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    Sc400 vvti swap wiring help

    I'd suggest you go here to ebay and buy the factory wiring manual. I have GS400 and LS400 vvti motors and...
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    The Engineered 1UZ V8 Datsun 620 Build

    Dude. You make me ashamed to post my 1uz builds. :(
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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    Thanks for the information. Looks like I'll be changing out the knock sensor once I get closer to finishing. Might as well buy them new.
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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    Yeah. I actually sent you a 3uz ecu to exchange for the bypassed 1uz ecu. I chose the 1uz ecu for two reasons. 1. The 3uz ecu would require me to install the electronic accelerator pedal in my car. I'm not a small guy and I hate squeezing myself under the dash. 2.The ls400 1uz vvti harness...
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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    Hello George, You have another happy customer in the USA. I just got my UZ VVti motor running with your modified ecu. She started on the first try after I realized the throttle body needed 12 volts. I read one of the threads here where you helped a member out with...
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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    Thanks!! BTW, I have another ecu I want to exchange for one of your bypassed ecu's. It's from a 1999 LS400 VVti. I'll send you an email in a few days. Thanks again.
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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    George, I have an immobilser bypassed ecu I bought from you earlier this year. I'm close to start wiring it up but I'd like to know which wires , if any , I need to wire up on the grey plug that would originally power the key reader accessories. Thanks.
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    1uz vvti into a Volga

    She sounds GREAT! I wish the laws here would allow me to do something similar. The police would ticket me everytime I drove it. We can't legally change the path of our exhaust from it's original design. My exhaust doesn't sound like a V8 to most people. Some have said it sounds like a huge...
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    1uz vvti into a Volga

    LOL. You and I both know those welds suck but I'm learning. They aren't pretty but welding myself saves me a ton of money on my swaps/ projects. Here's a sound clip.
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    1uz vvti into a Volga

    I did something similar on my 1992 toyota cressida. 2.25" pipe with x-pipe, two glasspacks and to dual in single out muffler. Sounds great!
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    1984 - 1988 Toyota truck swap

    Yeah, I just saw your email. I like your new design.
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    1984 - 1988 Toyota truck swap

    2QUIK, Is there an thread on your new adapter plate design/install? I just bought one today on your website.
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    1984 - 1988 Toyota truck swap

    Yeah, it's a great motor and i am addicted to the 1uz. I also performed 1uz swaps into my 90 and 92 cressidas and a friend's 87 and 91 supras. I like the 1uz in the supra so much that I just bought a 91 supra to swap. It's a great motor for daily driving and get's great gas mileage in a...
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    1984 - 1988 Toyota truck swap

    Here's my build thread. It's starts off with the turbo 22r swap and the 1uz swap begins on page 9. SC400 exhaust manifolds are a perfect fit. They are the only OEM manifold that will...
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    New to the Lexus V8 Scene

    Welcome. The 1uz is not nearly as popular but it's very fun and fast in the right chassis. I completed my first swap in a 1990 cressida with the auto trans. I was very happy with the performance until I swap a 1uz/ w58 into a friends 1987 supra. Power to the wheels was much improved. There is no...