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    3uz H Rods & parts needed.

    Morning all, I am looking to buy a set of H Rods for our 3uz and wondered who we should talk to about sourcing engine rebuild parts in the UK (Shells, rings gaskets etc) Also are there any pitfalls in rebuilding these engines that I need to be aware of ? Cheers in advance. Paul.
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    ECU's ???

    Morning all. Are the manual and auto ecus the same on the 430s ? We are changing from an auto to a manual box in our conversion and wondered if we can still use this ecu . Cheers in advance.
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    3uz wiring info please.

    Good morning all. We are new to the world of the Lexus and have a 3uz from a GS430 we are stripping which we are going to fit into our Land Rover 110 Defender. I have been told the wiring is fairly simple, apparently only needing 6 wires, but I am wary of this fact as i doubt it can be that...