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    Manual conversion package

    Thought a few of you on here might be interested in this Logan
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    1uz into Starlet 1uz into a series starlet, thought it might interest a few people on here Logan
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    My Levins

    My Toyota Levins (Do you actually have these in America?) I "Borrowed" the 17"s you can see my normal wheels on the ground and probably the jack behind it Logan
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    Supercharged 1UZ MK2 Supra

    I couldnt wait to talk to the owner and wait for him to join up, but I will be trying to fix that :!: There you go... Ive got that off my chest now Off to find out more about it Just spent the last hour sorting out the pictures seems to be working now Logan
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    Happy Bday to me

    I just went and brought myself a present for my birthday A mark 3 Supra No engine No gearbox Rego on hold I can see another project forming... ;-) Logan
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    Skyline + Bank = NASTY!!!

    Long story short, Coming home in the wet, front end started to push, driver pannicked, locked it up and into a bank Im sweet as (well sort of)the other occupants only have minor injuries from seat belts, and Mike (the driver) has three small bumps on his forehead The car on the other hand...
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    1UZ into MKIII

    1UZFE into MKIII Supra conversion Go into customers cars... Click on the far right pic in the top row If you want to know anyhting you can contact them, they were advertising on there site a while ago that if anyone had any inquiries about 1UZ conversions to get in touch...
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    Forum problems/mysteries

    Why cant i say ***anese? Why does it put astrix's where the J the A and the P should be? Theres nothing wrong with saying *** (And no i didnt swear) Logan