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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    I need help. The auto in my sc400 is going south and right now I have too many fired going and not enough capital. I have a 2jzgte vvti swap in progress with my 91supra and have the auto from the vvti to spare. I am curious if since the vvti is fully electronic. Valve bodies and the sc is...
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    Official rpk2012 Build Thread

    Okay guys, I have been a Supra guy for way too long, and have picked myself up a new project car and purchased her just this last monday (7-18-10). I plan on taking this slow, and doing things right. Specs: -1992 SC400 - White -117k Original Miles -ALL STOCK -********$2,500******** Plans: -1st...
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    A small list of needs.

    Hey everyone, I am new to the sc400 community, and have come from being a Supra owner most of my life. Just purchased a 92 sc400 and am trying to get a few things straightened out before adding exhaust and a few things. -Knock sensor -Good o2 sensors (1 front, 1 rear) -Good starter (if not...