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    Wanted: 95 gs300 radiator & 97 ls400 front bumper

    I need these items even if they're in used condition. As long as they're functional. If you have these please send prices and shipping if needed. Thankyou
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    Car smokes on takeoff after stopping at red light

    I've just rebuilt my engine and have less then 600 miles on it (yay me):cool:. It does not smoke at start up and does not smoke while driving but if i stop, like at a red light, when I take of again I get a little puff of white smoke.. I put an egr delete kit on it, could that cause this to...
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    sc400 clutch pedal??

    Putting a manual in my sc400. Will clutch pedal assembly from a sc300 mount right up? I imagine it would but if not what do I use?
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    Which gear is reverse??

    I have an A340 tore apart. Reverse has gone out in my A341. Can I take the reverse gear out of my A340 and use it in my A341??? And if so can someone tell me which gear is the reverse gear? I have pics of the A340 all tore down if I need to post them for someone to show me which gear it is.
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    A341 to A340??

    I have an A341 in my sc400. They are hard to come by here and expensive... Well I think mine is about to crap out on me. My question is can a use an A340 out of any Lexus/Toyota if I swap the bell housing and tail housing? And if so would this be a smart move for me?
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    solenoids or bad tranny???

    My trans was shifting out of 1st at about 3800 rpm till it got warm then i would have no probs out of it. Today after it got warm it shifted itself into neutral and wouldn't shift out into any gear! I could turn the car of for about 5min and turn it back on and it would shift fine for about 3...
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    trans code 61??

    I can not pull up the trouble codes sticky cause my computer is crap!! I have a trans code 61. Can someone tell me what this means???? I also have an engine code 13 which I found out is Knock Control CPU (ECM). (no effect to running, good to resolve) How in the world do I fix this? Thanks in...
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    Water in tranny!!! Now not pulling!

    Ok. My car set up for about a year while I worked on it in my spare time. After getting everything back together and driving the car for a bit it seemed like all was well. I wanted to go ahead and change tranny fluid and filter cause I hadn't done it in the 3 years I've owned the car. When I...
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    sc400 will only run with my foot on the gas

    ok.... I pulled the heads on my 92 sc400 to replace head gaskets. Put everything back together. It started right up and then went back dead! If I start it and keep my foot on the gas it will stay running which leads me to believe that it is a fuel delivery problem.... What would cause that...