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  1. GhostDog88

    Hurricane Headers install QUESTION -92-SC400

    Has anyone ever installed the "Hurricane Long tube" style headers? I don't have access to a shop as much as I would like. DIY for the win....I've been told to run them from the bottom up and drop the steering shaft for drivers side clearance. Looks like everything will bolt up on all ends...
  2. GhostDog88

    Double Crank Pulley for supercharger question...?

    I'm having trouble finding a balanced double crank pulley for the 1uzfe. I'm thinking my ideal set up would be a double crank pulley, 6 rib for accessory drive and with teeth on the outside belt drive for the procharger. I want to keep my accessory drive unchanged and eliminate belt slippage...
  3. GhostDog88

    Dual Wideband Question? Sc400

    I've installed a dual wideband and used the factory 02 sensor bungs on the exhaust manifolds(before the Cat). I'm running an Apexi AFC neo piggy back ecu. My question is, since the PB ECU essentially "tricks" the ECU into adjusting the AFR do I need the original 02 sensors in place? Can I run a...