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  1. curry

    1996 sc400 part out

    Ok guys, As you know my car was recently totaled. I decided to part it out. aliga (gazi) and rising_sun (todd) can vouch for me from club lexus If you need specific shots of the interior or a certain part, post the request and ill post the pic or pm you the link. If I respond slow...
  2. curry

    Cat Flanges, LS400 Fan Bracket + pulley

    I bought this stuff to swap in the electrical fan and fab my turbo manifolds... Didn't happen so I need to sell them. Bought everything except the fan brack from lextreme. Pulley - $50 Shipped Fan Bracket - $100 Shipped Cat Flanges - $50 Shipped
  3. curry

    1996 SC400- Still runs - Needs rear end.

    As a few of you may know from the CL forums, my car was recently in an accident. The rear of the car slammed into a tree. The car still runs and operates fine aside from the ABS light being on, the air bags did NOT deploy since it was a rear end hit. I was told by gazi ali that all it needs is...
  4. curry

    Water/Alcohol Injection.

    For all you FI guys... have you ever thought of incorporating a simple water injection setup to let you boost just a little bit more and stretch the limit of pump gas? It's supposed to also help keep your internals clean i.e. steam cleaning.
  5. curry

    Radiator sc300 to 400

    Hey guys, I noticed that the sc300 has the coolant tank between the bumber and radiator... Is it possible to swap the radiators + tanks on the 300 for the 400? The reason I want to do it it becuase I dont like where the coolant tank is on the 400 and it will give me just a little more room in...
  6. curry

    Getting ready to ditch they hydraulic fan...

    I've gone through the threads here on this forum and CL. I'm a bit confused about something... I don't want to go through all this pulley madness and changing belts and all this whatever... If I simply remove the the hydraulic fan on the sc4... what else would I have to do? I read that I...
  7. curry

    Karman MAF or Toyota Hot Wire MAF?

    Anyone know how you can tell a karman MAF from a toyota hot wire MAF? Are there any physical differences? Part Numbers? Doesnt have to be for a single car, I guess any car. Lets use the SC300/400...
  8. curry

    Emanage and our V8- Got it working!

    I know a lot of people have been asking questions about the compatibility of the emanage and our 1uzfe V8's. Now my car is a 1996 sc400 and for some reason I had a problem with the wiring... I shall explain below. I decided to tackle this and see if I could at least get the A/F and injectors...
  9. curry

    Another SC400T

    Well last night we got confirmation on the spare 1uz we were supposed to get and we got it. We just need to go pick it up. The plan is to use that to mock everything up properly and avoid guess work. We're also gonna bum parts off it. My goals for the setup are around 325-350 to the wheels. I...