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    Are all 1UZ crank sensors the same? Look the same, but different part numbers?

    As title really. I've been having crank signal/sensor problems (running an aftermarket ECU running no cam sensors, and won't start if can't pick up a crank signal), and to see if it was something to do with the crank sensor, I changed the one on the car for one on a spare 1UZ I had. With...
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    Replacing/upgrading OEM crank sensor-What have people used?

    As title really. I'm running a Omex 710 ECU, and the stock crank sensor seems to be struggling with interference, and at 6.5k it's like hitting a brick wall at the moment as it gets too bad. I know a lot of people say stock Toyota crank sensors cause problems, but are there any that are a...
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    Maxed out stock 1UZ injectors easily- I thought they were good for 400bhp?

    As title really. Engine is N/A on ITBs, Kelford Cams (290deg duration), etc etc, stock (albeit balanced and ARP rod bolts) bottomend etc etc, and we hit 90% injector duty cycle (at stock fuel pressure) by 6500rpm. In the tech section on Lextreme it claims the injectors are good for 400bhp...
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    Rebuilding 1uz- will ARP rod bolts etc help safe rpm or is rods the limit?

    As title really. Rebuilding an early 1uz (so stronger rods) with ACL bearings, cometic gaskets, 286deg cams, ITBs, etc, but stock pistons and rods. Will ARP bolts help things at all, or are the failures never things like rod bolts etc on 1uz? Staying N/A but could do with all the revs I...
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    Dyno sheets for turbocharged 1UZs

    As title. Maybe I'm blind/stupid, but I can't find any? I was determined to stick with N/A for my engine, and tbh watching vids of turbo 1UZs seemed to reinforce that as they all seemed very flat, despite the power levels, but that may just be the videos. So, does anyone have any dyno...
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    Stock bottomend N/A 1UZ- Kelford 207-Es, ITBs, etc etc- What to expect?

    As title really. Have a 1UZ being built at the moment, and the current plan is to stick to the stock bottomend (but rebuilt), but with Kelford 207-E (286duration) cams and uprated springs, 8 throttles, aftermarket ecu, decent headers, etc etc. Have most these parts already and engine is...