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    sway bars

    LS400 Front Sway Bar As far as I know, nobody makes a "competition" front bar for the early LS400. The ADDCO rear bar does make a big improvement, but to take advantage of the ADDCO rear bar, the front bar rate still needs to be stiffer. If you don't mind a bit of common-sense grunt work, you...
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    1992 ls400

    pressed in ball joints Try looking for MOOG Automotive replacement parts or similar on American websites such as Summit Racing and JEGGS. Or, just google "LS400 ball joint replacemnts.
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    Why do old farts buy fancy sportcars?

    To Cribbj: Amen, brother cribbj. Rememember though, the original "episode" took place in Elay (LA), a place suspended from the rules of reality, so my earlier description of doinks/twits driving exoti-cars still has validity in that arena. yeah, i've driven sh*tters for too long, and finally...
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    Why do old farts buy fancy sportcars?

    Hello Jibby; As I said in my first reply: life ain't fair, and those with the money get the best cars....whether they can drive them or not. Also, just driving one of those cars isn't the same as getting it repaired once it's wrapped around a telephone pole....remember the rich moron that...
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    Supra/Soarer rear geometry

    Hello Matty Dog; You're in the process of building "an accident looking for a place to happen". The links you are referring to have to be located in the correct location (like the stock position in relation to how the rear end is mounted) otherwise you end up with all sorts of hideous problems...
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    Why do old farts buy fancy sportcars?

    Hello Jibby; The answer is because we can. However in LA, it's the show of money to the babes that's more important (as in hey babe, check out my expensive ride). When I was a teenager through my 20s, I asked the same question: why do these old farts (most of whom CANNOT drive to save their...
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    What brakes?

    Rod Millen Motorsports has a fairly reasonably priced upgrade kit based on the TT calipers and rotors. You need to understand that regardless of what upgrade kit you go with, you will need to switch to 18" wheels to clear the calipers, AND also fit the car without jacking it up. 245-45/40 ZR 18s...
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    Performance Division

    This is going to make everybody feel bad, but Toyota is just too timid to have a real Lexus performance division. Their target market for the LS is dead people, and any car company that is too lame to offer a stick shift in their aledged performace cars (GS series) isn't really interested in...