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    West Aus - Toyota Celsior

    fk! i spat my coffee all over the keyboard - $18k!!!! i can pick one up for $6k!!!
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    $$$ 4 oil filter?
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    Blown Ea Pics

    how did you hook up your glide? who made the adaptor? only way to fix the wp is for a new one mate - sometimes they stuff the front seal when it gets squashed when pulleys get bumped in shipping. i wouldn't risk a re-seal if it's leaking from anywhere. pm me your details. would love to see...
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    Friendliest Country

    $$$$ wise - yes. % of GNP? no - not many. the term "royally screwed" comes to mind.
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    Friendliest Country

    good to see another liberal there, rod. actually XR, there WAS a 20bil surplus in our piddly little economy, and in 6 months it went from 18bil surplus to staring down the barrell of a 42bil DEFICIT. yay. i look forward to the next "recession australia had to have". and Lex - aussies are more...
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    yeah but at the end of the day guys, the LS has more torque, more capacity with the same RPM limit so it SHOULD make more power. very very impressive numbers - regardless of the engine - esp considering it's throughout the rev range. with some big, sticky tyres it may even be useable...
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    simple engine mods

    cooler oil doesn't mean more horsepower - a 1UZ isn't exactly hard on oil. a tranny cooler might extend the life of your tranny though - but then, manuals aren't hard on oil like an auto anyway. oils are designed to lubricate at a certain temperature, and the different grades change viscosity...
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    now that's a fancy bit of kit - but i thought the idea behind a twin entry turbo is to improve spool by linking alternately firing cylinders / banks....? by amalgamating the exhaust manifold into one, i would be worried about the flow over that plate unless the ports were tapered where it bolts...
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    good point there steve - but remember, i plan to run a 2spd auto to load the engine up more and help bring it up on boost earlier, as well as a BW diff conversion with some gears to assist as well. add the transbrake and decent stall, and i don't see it being an issue over 1320ft. street...
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    yep i think i'll use the 1.06 - but will discuss with my supplier. thanks for all the help :)
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    and my KKK is about 1.5x the size of the GT4088 after looking at some one ebay.
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    the default housing is a 1.06 twin entry with a T4 flange and V band exhaust. the 0.86 is a single entry with a V band exhaust. 0.94 is the same. the 1.34 is a twin entry T4 flange with a 6 bolt exhaust. looking at what's what - i think the twin entry 1.06 A/R might be the right one to use...
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    so it seems the GT4088 is the best turbo to use for a lazy 1UZ to make 500 engine hp with 1bar of boost. seems a little low but then again 1bar is nothing to laugh at. what exhaust housing size would be the best here then? because there's a plethora available. i was assuming with that size...
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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    cheers for your help. input specs are here. 1UZFE using the 0.55 BSFC i get the GT4088 being an ideal match as well. seems to be a few Exhaust A/Rs available - now to work out which one. I see 0.86 up to 1.34!!!
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    Electronic-Assist turbocharging

    was just going to say you could use this instead of a small shot of N2O on the line - where class rules don't allow N2O.