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    jp alluminium grill insert UK

    i got a junction produce badgeless alluminium grill insert taken from my 91 celsior ucf11. in perfect condition with all mounts ready to fit To oem ls400/celsior grill surround. these are very rare and probably the only one in the uk £110 inc postage In the uk will not ship abroad as its far...
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    91 ls400 & 95 ls400 interior

    Hi all. Was wondering of anyone knows wether the interior from a 95 ls400 will fit into a 91 ls400. I know the dash has a few differences but more interested in door cards,carpet,seats and other interior trims??
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    celsior rear air purifier

    right removed it but fount 2 hoses attached which hisses when i removed them. is the air purifier system connected to the air con system??
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    celsior rear air purifier

    right. my celsior boot interior is damaged beyond repai. ive got a uk ls400 here that im stripping which has a perfect boot interior but it wont fit properly due to the rear air purifier sat above the petrol tank. can i just unbolt n unclip the plugs and remove it or will that cause problems??
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    ls400 vs toyota celsior

    hi. cheers for that. all parts are the same:)
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    ls400 vs toyota celsior

    hi all. i hava question. my toyota celsior destroyed its rear wheel bearing the other day. went to strip it out and noticed the bottom bush was also destroyed. managed to source a rear wheel bearing and bottom bushes but when we dismantles the hub to fit the new bearing the hub itself was...
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    no on off air supension switch

    hi al. i got a 91 toyota celsior with factory air ride. i really need to get it on the ramp today but i cant find the on off switch in the boot. ive removed everything in the boot and there isnt a switch. is there any other way i can lock the suspensiom so i can lift it up of the floor??
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    rear section soarer v8 exhaust vs tt

    hi. my rear section of exhaust needs replacing.. my m8 has a custom rear section from his tt looking at the picks it looks like it would fit.. seems to bolt on just behind the 1st silencer!! picks can be decieving so anyone out there can tell me ifi will fit or not?? thanks oz
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    guess as my lex is moddified it dont fit in here much considering i havnt even got 1 reply saying welcome:(
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    thought id drop in and say hi. recently bought myself a cheap ls400 to play around with and keep me busy had many jap cars and finally made myself here purely for the a few picks of what the ls4 looks like at the moment with various upgrades. almost finished tidying up the engine bay...