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    Car of Choice for 1UZFE Swap

    Hey guys, check out this hot little kit car. It weighs about 1800 lbs (817 kgs) withought the donor engine. It's be a hot swap. With a stock 130hp accord engine, this thing goes from 0-100km/s in 5 seconds! It also holds some lap records when racing against some 500hp+ tuner cars. I belive...
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    SC Concept Lights

    Hey, great to see new products coming out. I love the first design the best. Do you happen to have a quote?
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    Is it just me or...

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if there is a problem with my car, but when I give it 3/4 throttle, it seems to accelerate faster than full throttle, but since the computer is detecting 3/4 throttle, it shifts into second an stops the power flow. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Also, I took...
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    Car of Choice for 1UZFE Swap

    I'd like to see one in an s2000, MX-5 miata, or some other little roadster. I've seen MX-5's with Ford 5.0 HO's in them. The rumble from those cars is wicked, then they take off and leave two strips of rubber for 20yds!! It's freaking awesome! Imagine one of those passing you on the highway...
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    Turbo Gains on 1UZ-FE!

    Adam, hey man, I'm really interested in how your car sounds. The clips you have up on your site don't work. Do you have any others?
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    liquid coming out of exhaust

    it's water. The chemical process transforms exhaust gases from deadly pollutants to "clean H20." It's just a by-product..... no worries.
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    Tucson Area

    Hey guys, anybody from the Tucson area interested in showing off their sweet rides? I'll take mine, even though it's got a busted front lip right now....
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    American V8 Swaps into Lexus?

    Another variation of the ls1..... the ls7. 7k redline, 500hp completely stock. It's going on the new corvette zo6. All Aluminum, but I think it's someting like 60 pounds heavier. On the flip side, how about putting a 1uz in a 69 camaro...... pleanty of room for twin turbos. It'd be an awesome...
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    Hood latch spring

    Well that makes sense......... :o...
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    American V8 Swaps into Lexus?

    Man, that'd be like Frankenstein in a tuxedo. Powerful, poorly put together, but with style.
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    American V8 Swaps into Lexus?

    Hey guys, I just want to say that I love my sc400, and my 1uz is a rev monster! I got my sc with 110k on it, and around the 118k mark, the waterpump went, taking the timing belt with it. In order to do a reliable fix, belts, waterpump, cam tensioners ..... etc had to be replaced. My brother...
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    Hood latch spring

    I have the same problem...... mostly when it's cold outside. And my fingernails are super strong!
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    Project SC400TT

    Can't wait to see what kind of reliable HP this thing puts out. Where is the turbo going to sit? Will it be relocated like the ls400t?
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    1UZFE Valve Springs Upgrade

    Just a thought... I wonder if there are any "Beehive Springs" that might fit our cars. I've heard great tales about these, mostly from LS1 guys.......
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    I need help!

    GrahamB - My ignorant mechanic told me that no one sold the top tanks...... and that he wouldn't want to use a used one for warranty issues.... Another quick update. My radiator was supposed to have been delivered on Friday, but the radiator that they delivered was damaged, so now I have to...