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    1UZFE into 2wd hilux

    Hey guys looking at putting 1uzfe v8 into 2wd hilux just wondering which model front cut to go with if im using standard computer and auto. I know crown model is easy to wire up with a manual but im using auto. Sump issues can be dealt with and modded if need be but not sure on wiring side of...
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    Is LPG OK for 1UZ?

    Thanks for your help will have to track down a few parts and do some more research. Not sure if there is any people on sunny coast to ask but will find out...
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    Is LPG OK for 1UZ?

    So after all that what sort of fuel system should i be looking at setting up cause i didnt get the answer i was after in those responses. Not sure about what sort of fuel pumps etc or do i wait and find a gas system that works on a 5L or something similar and do without fuel all together...
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    Is LPG OK for 1UZ?

    Im looking at setting up a gas system to similar specs as kpwemu dont want huge hp at the moment just a cruiser but am putting into carby 2wd hilux and not sure what sort of fuel system to setup. Was gonna put fuel cell in the back but if i go gas instead not sure what pumps etc to upgrade. any...
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    1uzfe into 2wd hilux

    hey i know the info is prob somewhere else but just after which model would suit sump wise or is it easier to modify sump. Thanks
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    Exhaust System for LPG

    Hey guys just wondering what sort of exhaust setup would be better suited to an lpg run engine. Don't want anything over the top just a small power increase and a nice note. Engine will be in a 4runner if that helps. Any info appreciated...
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    LPG on a 1UZ

    So its ok runnin 1uzfe on gas then what about runnin different auto box with aftermarket computer. Was lookin at commodore box or something similar but just toying with ideas atm. Any help appreciated.