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    Jibby saying hello and needs a little help..

    Saying hello to all my old friends at Lextreme first and foremost!!! Hope all you clowns are doing well. Thought to try you guys for a little help on a recent problem with my SC400. Anyways, I still have my old Betsy, 1992 Lexus SC400.. Been sitting around mostly the last few years but I did...
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    Altering the MAF on a sc400 or Soarer?

    That is funny because with my nos and Apexi piggy back ECU I have been experiencing a bog or hesitation between 1000-2000rpm for the longest time, this does not happen when I engage the nos, however I do experience this problem without nos constantly. I have had it tuned and checked but not...
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    THE Z06 VETTE may be the best bang for your buck

    Man you guys are blasting me with great ideas, thanks..Love that black NSX Steve... Anyway, for me the fun of hotrodding cars is the time and effort you put into it with your own hands and then seeing the results or your hard labor pay off. Hence the term "hobby". However, with upgrading cars...
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    Can somebody check out this Supra for me?

    Cleaning up the forum is nice. I thought this was already the cleanest forum around.. Anyway, I think I am guilty of the **** comments once or twice in the past, as I believe many other members are too.... Received and understood.. Back on topic - I have seen similar scams to that effect...
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    THE Z06 VETTE may be the best bang for your buck

    Yeah, you guys are all right, but with a few mods on the Vette, forget about it.... I have seen the Mustangs and yes they are fast but I don't like the looks...Does nothing for me.. If I were to purchase this Vette it would be leased and used as a tax write-off.. I do not have $60,000 cash to...
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    THE Z06 VETTE may be the best bang for your buck

    Guys, I am Lex man at heart, but I must be honest I have got my eye on the Z06 Vette, at $60,000, 500hp, 7.0L, 11.5 in the quarter, and 7000rpm range it is tough to pass on.. I love my SC400 and will keep it and build it, but man I had a chance to look over this Vette yesteraday while on...
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    Turbo SC400/Soarer?

    Thanks anyway but I got the S&S headers for my SC, so I am good......:slaphappy :slaphappy
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    Turbo SC400/Soarer?

    I know this is an older thread but that is an interesting design, how did it finally end up working out?
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    Copper Gaskets

    In plumbing you cannot attach copper to galvanized directly. We use diaelectric unions to connect the two materials. Copper has adverse effect when connected to different metal surfaces... Lime buildup, and other problems can occure.. Just something to think about....
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    Fan mount bracket question

    I am not 100% sure but I think they are different. I just did the electric fan swap on my 1UZ.. and I was told they were different on newer models. Good luck.. Check out the "Hydraulic Fan", and "Electric fan swap" threads for more info..
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    1UZ vs. 3UZ Heads (Worked ie: Ported)

    Preach it Toysreme.........Good stuff.....
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    Dazien bushing dealer?

    Well there you go!!! Good luck with the Daisens, they will correct your problem of feeling the slack over rough roads, and hopefully they will work out much better for you then they did for me. I am also glad to hear you are doing the work yourself. Changing the front LCA bushings really is...
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    To clear things up!!

    Zuffen/Rod, I for one only try to offer my advise when I know what I am talking about. I sure don't want to mislead anyone, like I have been mislead a few times on mods that I have done.. Wrong advise does lower the integrity of the forum. I think your advise to others to answer...
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    Dazien bushing dealer?

    Well WDoherty, my 1992 sc400 has 110,000 miles on it now, and really the only bushings that showed severe wear was the front lower control arm bushings. That is why I have not changed the rest out yet, no rush. My SC400 handles exceptional, and is very responsive.. You need to jack up your car...
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    To clear things up!!

    SC400TT - The funny thing is I probably know less then you - So don't feel bad.. To tell you the truth half the time I don't even know what I am saying, and just try and wing it. :dunce: That is why I use all the funny symbols to hide my true stupidity.. Here's to being a rookie :beerchug...