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  • Hi David, Could you please send me the details of your tailshaft man you were telling me about. I've found a Ford aluminium tailshaft and will be looking at get one cut to length shortly. Regards Ivan
    Ivan, I made my own rear mount as I mounted it to the original Volvo cross member. I've had a look round my spares to see if I had one but came up empty. As for the slip yoke, I was lucky enough to get one with one of the gear boxes which was used to make the tail shaft. I've always found Toyospares in Bayswater good for parts so give them a try.

    One other thing I thought of after leaving the other day is you might want to consider making a short shifter. Very easy to do with a lathe. The base of the gear stick needs lengthening and a new spacer is installed on top of the gear box mounting. Tightens up the shifting which will be important in your tight cabin confines. I'll take some photo's of mine and send them tonight on the phone.


    PS Did the bird survive?
    Hi David, There is a couple of questions I meant to bounce off you on Saturday. I'm looking for a rear gearbox rubber mount and a tailshaft slip yoke for the gearbox end of the tailshaft. Do you know where I can source them from. What size slip yoke did you use?
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