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    reverse rotation on 1uz-fe is possible?

    This doesn't make sense, since all the transaxle cars I've worked on all have normal left or counter clockwise rotating at flywheel engines. Sometimes you can flip the ring gear for a rotation correction. Other wise like the chevys the cam would need to run in the correct direction for the...
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    Problem after standing 8 months

    I wish we had no mice in the world, they are horrible pests. I had a trans am years ago that had the hood batting and wires ruined by them.
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    Cracking sound in front suspension

    are you talking about the aluminum crossmember that the engine sits on? Good catch I would not have thought of that one. The suspension would be the first thought, and never the cross member being loose. Was it on both sides or just one? Makes me want to check all mine now.
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    Starter Motor R&R daunting task !! LS400

    Sounds like a sticking solenoid. If it engages the ring gear teeth the flywheel or flex plate teeth are likely okay. Do they sound good when the starter is turning the engine?
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    Starter Motor R&R daunting task !! LS400

    For some people there is no savings diy. Unless you do your normal job for free as well. If you make $30 per hour at the normal job and it takes 2 days to do the starter and TB then you maybe money ahead. If it takes more the $1000 at the dealer is a good deal.
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    Maybe someone has had this happen

    West coast in US. I've been looking for a good one to swap in.
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    Oil viscosity

    I would not use anything under 10w-30 unless I lived in Alaska. At operating temp it has the viscosity of water, and a base oil of 5 is less.
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    Maybe someone has had this happen

    and has a solution. 1990 LS400 all stock. A while back when I started it, it ran great for 5 to 10 minutes, then it just died, started right back up and would run good only holding the throttle and maintaining over 1800 rpms or so. Let is cool down and did the same thing for many other...
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    Quick delivery and quick Startup

    So what was he using for an ecu?
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    Will all ecu's interchange?

    The only thing specific with those ECU's is if it has trac or not. The power train module does nothing with anything else. The air suspension has its own ecu, and abs has its own ecu. Hmmm but I would think the trac part of the power train ecu would need communication with the abs, since trac...
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    Will all ecu's interchange?

    From a 1990 to a 1992? I'm talking Trac ecu's.
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    Machining Cams from scratch

    If you want them to work right and last and not mess up the rest of the engine there is more to cam design and manufacture than just having a machine that can cut metal. You will need to calculate the accelerations for entry and exit ramps and the associated jerk. whoops just noticed how old...
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    Diesel 1UZFE

    Not true, there are diesel engines that are running under 14:1 to control NOx. Just one example.
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    Idle problem

    The terminal ID's are usually in the cover.
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    Looking inside a 1UZ ecu

    Has anyone tried some home made pc based replacement controller? The difficult thing would be figuring out how to tie in all the optional things like ABS and Trac etc. On the old 1990 style ecu's.