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    36 Tooth Trigger Wheel Available

    Is anyone interested in me having a round of 36-1 tooth trigger wheels manufactured for the 1UZ? Email me at [email protected]
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    supercharged manifolds for sale

    Whatever happened with this?
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    Header Flange Drawings available for download!

    I'm actually working on cleaning a lot of old, broken or redundant threads and posts now. Yes, a past owner did a software conversion very irresponsibly and broke all existing links without putting redirects in place. Much thanks, Dave.
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    Header Flange Drawings available for download!

    What format are those in, Dave? If I could get this in AutoCAD or SolidWorks, I can try to start making the flange available at a real value again. I think David (Lextreme) has one left and that's it.
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    3UZ Turbo Kit

    Check these out.
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    What is the main kit, part or mod you need that isn't available?

    @gloverman Can you weight in as well, man?
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    Performance Torque Converter

    The torque converters are available and I've edited the original post with current information. Please note that we no longer ship outside the USA.
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    What is the main kit, part or mod you need that isn't available?

    I'm getting some parts made in China and have the ability to explore making mods or kits. What is the main one the UZFE community needs?
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    Header Flange Drawings available for download!

    Looks like someone with AUTOCad skills can punch those numbers from the drawing above in and reproduce the file quickly. if so, please share here.
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    fish bracket

    We're down to one of these left.
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    Technical Drawings and More

    Does anyone know what ever happened to xirforever or how to contact him now? I only have an old AOL address.
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    1995 LS400 EGR delete

    Glad you brought this up as I have been meaning to start a thread on this very subject. The EGR Delete kit from Lextreme was designed to only work on 1990-1994 models. When I took over from David I thought it was good for 1990-1997 and have mistakenly sold several to owners of 1995-1997 models...
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    New Desktop Theme

    Guys, Today the software was update and you'll notice that at the very bottom-left of the site you can now choose between the default Mobile theme as well as a new wide Desktop Theme.
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    Anyone from Europe?

    Just spent three months on Menorca! Does that count? ;)
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    lextreme exhaust header plates

    Anyone interested in these exhaust header flanges? More are coming back in stock from California. Email me at [email protected] for info or see here.