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    Replacing seats

    I am wanting to replace both front seats on my 92 LS400 with racing seats. Can anyone let me know a few that would work w/ little or no modifications w/o spending too much money? I am on a budget of about $300 or less for both seats.
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    EGR system malfunction

    I have a 92 LS400 w/ 253,000 miles and have had probs recently with a code 71, EGR system malfunction. I recently replaced all of the vacuum hoses that make up the EGR system and took apart and cleaned then gunk out of the EGR valve unit and replaced PCV valve and tube. My exhaust is cut off...
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    Chevy V8 in LS400

    I have a 92 LS400. Is it possible to put a small block Chevy V8 motor into my car? If so, how would I do it and what would I need? I heard of an adapter plate being used on a stock LS400 tranny. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.:drive:
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    Moonroof leak

    I have a 1992 LS400 with a leaky moonroof. It leaks on the driver's side front corner. Anyone have weatherstripping that I can purchase at a reasonable price?
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    Shift Kit????

    Where else can I get a shift kit for my stock LS400 auto? and how much$ ?
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    easy temporary exhaust setup

    I recently just made a exhaust setup for my 92 LS400. I just cut off the exhaust right before the mufflers. Then put in a 2 1/4" Y-pipe with 2 90 degree pipes and turn downs that exit before the rear tires with the OEM exhasut tips. I used original muffler hanger site. The exhaust note is deep...
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    Cat converters and mufflers

    :unitedstates: I have a 1992 LS400. How many catalytic converters are there?...2? Is the bulge in the middle part of the exhaust some sort of resonator and can I take that part out w/o it affecting engine performance? Also anyone have any suggestions on mufflers? I am think of running a 2 1/4"...
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    before i destroy everything

    thanks thanks Jibby for the info...
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    before i destroy everything

    My two rear passenger speakers dont work on my 92 LS400. I took them out and tested them and they work fine. My front speakers work good. Any solutions to my problem? ...thanks
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    Pioneer 6 disc changer error

    I have a problem with my 1992 LS400 and the cd changer. When I push the cd button to listen to my cd's, a "Err" code comes up and nothing happens. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to fix it?... thanks..:unitedstates:
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    Upper Control Arm Balljoint Fix !!

    Upper control arm solution... I have a 92 LS400 and am very interested in anything that would save me $$ and stop me from buying new front upper control arms for my car. My upper ball joints are shot and I cannot aford $400+ for one upper control has a great idea...any info...
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    front Upper control arms

    I am needing to replace the front upper control arms on my 92 Ls400 because of the ball joints that are shot. Does anyone have a new or refurbished set? Also what is the difference between 90-94 uppercontrol arms and 95-00 control arms AND are there any Lexus or Toyota suspension parts that will...