Twin Turbo Nissan 350Z

I had a chance to visit with Carlos R. as my personal tour guide.  AAP is a high caliber, top of the line quality and details.  They are building a 350Z with Greddy Twin Turbo with built internal.  This is the only 350Z with built motor and two snails.  I have to say, its a tight fit and lots of plumbings.  This will be the most horsepower Nissan 350Z as to date.  This car is running twin turbo along with NOS.  So, enjoy the pictures.  This car will be the fastest 350Z in the world.  The Japanese beast is the second 350Z with twin turbo.  The first TT would obviously be Greddy the maker of the Kit.  However, this car has build motor and can really pump up the boost with supporting internals like forged dish pistons and rods along with heads work.  This Fairlady also breath through a huge intercooler capable of high horsepower applications.  If those two turbos are not enough, this 350Z Nissan also have dual NOS tanks for back it up in lower end.  Watch out big blocks!

If you are interested in getting this Kit, please contact Carlos at Anderson-Audio for consultation.  Please don't try to install this kit at home.  Its very complex and timing consuming.  Here is a dyno to proof its potential and power:  This is from Carlos "For those of you who are interested we dyno'd the 350Z at 9PSI it made 445RWHP it is having issues with e-manage so we can't turn it up anymore without it being unsafe"


The interior is all custom with the highest quality of handmade leather.  The interior also dual tones.

Here is one of the intakes on the passenger side.

Here are the twin turbos on both sides of the exhaust manifold.  Don't try this at home.....