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Hello Vendors,

Thank you for visiting this page.  We are growing everyday and the Traffic Report is looking bright.  I know lots of people have great products and I am willing to host your products in our site.  This is how it works.  You will send me a Frontage file with your products and description on it along with shopping cart or buy it now from Paypal (you account info, not mine)  I will post it in our online store and once a member or visitor purchase your product/s, you will get and payment directly to your Paypal account.  I would not know anything about this transaction.  It will be yours completely.  You can sell as many as you want and we just take a flat space rental fee.  If you would like to advertise in our forum, please visit here.

This is what I need from:
1. If possible, a DIY on your parts.  Like installation, pictures of changing it or upgrading it.  More text is preferred.
2. Use FrontPage if possible with shopping cart ready
3. Have Full Descriptions of your product
4. Price, Tax and Shipping fee (Make sure you state out of the state or country shipping fee)
5. Misc. option and info.

Here is how our fee will be:
Package Number of Products Fee 6 months Annual (10% Off)
Silver 1-3 products $10 Month $60
Gold 4-7 $18 Month $108
Platinum 8-12 $30 Month $180

All payments will be 6 months interval with 10% off for annual payment.  We will only carry one type of product for each category.  For example, we will not allow competing vendors selling the same products.  This a none-competitive online store.  We will not get anything from your profit, we just make money to support this site by offering a host of your products.  There will be a $50 dollar one time charge for the setup.

Remember, I do not get any profit off your sells.  If you sell one product a month or you sell 10,000 units a month.  I still get the same amount.  I am doing this to promote Lexus Vendors.  First come first serve bases and prices are subject to change without noticed.  So, get your spot now!

Thanks You.