These are high quality T-Bolt clamps with 3/4" wide.  The material is stainless steel with constant pressure all round.  These clamps are highly recommend for properly forced induction (turbocharged or supercharged) setup.  From my personal experience, this are the best but not over kill.  Some offer spring loaded T-Bolt clamps, I do not think spring loaded are necessary unless you are boosting over 50 to 100 psi.  These wide band are hard to find and its an insurance worth of having.  If you plan to run more than 15 psi, these clamps are for your setup.  Lesser than 15 psi, heavy duty worm clamps are sufficient.  Please click the proper hose size and you can sleep better.  Torque rate is 90 lbs.  $5.00 per clamp.

Please see pictures.

Hose Size