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Vendor/Tuner/Shop Experiences, Members (Feedback) This section is for you to steam out some frastration about internet sellers like ebay and online stores. You can also express your negative/positive comments about my services too lol. Lextreme.com is NOT responsible or endorse any comments posted by the members. It is purely the expression of the members\' experience.

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Old 09-21-2014, 07:47 AM
synergy_ako synergy_ako is offline
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Thumbs down ks racing ebay do not buy

Once again drawn in by cost the kit that will convert your 1uz to a r154/w58(2 separate kits) from ks racing on ebay is a dud 98% of it works but has to be modified spacer for the r154 to there bell housing also height needed for clutch slave. For 1100 bucks not major issues if u can fabricate and weld but for the average Joe not worth the Hassel.
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