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    1. Brianbuller60
      Mr Cribbj this is my email address if you respond to my email address I will forward you all the correspondence that I have received from lextreme plus the PayPal receipts. You then can inform David off what has happened, as I might not be the only person has come across this issue. I didn't set out to vilify David him self, but harsh words get more of a response that pussy footing around, the old saying you need to be cruel to be kind.
    2. cribbj
      Cheesy, the project is still ongoing. Matter of fact the engine is STILL not finished after being with the engine builder for over five years.
    3. CheesyBISTO
      Hi cribbj, I have been reading your old M70 V12 GT40 project thread with great anticipation and cannot decipher weather you got it to fit or not. Did you? and have you got pics? I am currently in the R&D stage of a similar project but using the Jag V12.

    4. cribbj
      Wheel spacers will effectively change your wheel offsets, but they won't have any effect on the amount of tire you can mount on that wheel. If you go that way, be sure that the new spacers have hub centering rings, and make sure you use new, quality studs. ARP have a racing stud that is longer than the OEM and should work OK with spacers. If you want to run closed end nuts you may have to trim the end of the studs a bit. Also be aware that the more outboard you move your wheels/tires, the more load you're putting on the wheel bearings, so they'll need changing more often.

      FWIW, a number of us run 15mm spacers on our 550 Maranellos, and they work fine, and do improve the handling as well as the "stance" of the car. H&R make a quality product, as do Hill Engineering (however Hill's are only for Ferrari's)
    5. fastegg
      G'day cribbj...
      Just a quick question... You can purchase 1" thick wheel spacers on ebay (290466349145) to allow the use of different tyres and what-not, i was wondering would using these spacers with stock wheels&tyres improve the handling given that you've now increased the track width by 2" ?

      (ignoring the fact that it will probably soften up the suspension some what)

      Cheers . . . Happy New Year . . :)
    6. cribbj
      I'm not a UCF21 (LS400 in the US) owner, nor have I ever driven one. Strut braces are very popular with our Supra crowd because of the Supra's less than stiff chassis (due to its sport roof). Whether they would help a coupe that already has a strong rigid chassis like the LS would be doubtful. One definite plus is they're an easy mod to put on, and take off if you find you don't like them.
    7. fastegg
      G'day mr cribbj... Do you think a front strut bar would make any noticable difference ?
      (on my UCF21 with Bilstien heavy duty shocks)
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